Iconic Selection Methodology

01. Revenue

We target homes that will generate at least $100K+ in Revenue.

02. Filter

We accept just 1 in 100 homes. We don't want the most homes, just the best.

03. Visit

A home visit is conducted wherein design and hospitality recommendations are made.

04. Test

We test meticulously- from the shower pressure to wifi speeds.

05. Launch

We market your home on multiple Vacation Rental Websites.

06. Support

24/7 White-Glove support for you and your guests.

Striving Towards The Perfect Stay

Iconic Homes is committed to continual improvement. We listen carefully to both our landlords as well as our guests.

Higher Returns

Multi-Channel Marketing
We create stand-out listings for your property portfolio across AirBnB & 20+ platforms, with expert copywriting, professional photography and smart automations.  

Dedicated Advisor
Your dedicated advisor assists you every step of the way with expert advice, local knowledge and in-depth insights about the performance of your portfolio. They will be your single point of contact.

Contact Us

Property Maintenance

Regular Home Audits
We provide regular audits of the state of your unit, including any required maintenance.

Property Maintenance & Repairs
Insurance Solutions
Property Kept in "For-Sale" Condition

24/7 Support

Remember when real people who knew what they were doing helped you when you needed it? When you call, we answer.


Interested in Joining?

Iconic Retreats has been placing discerning guests in Vacation Rentals like yours for over 10 years. Get in touch to discuss opportunities with one of our experts.